NFMC provides platform for discussion, policy dialogue, research and development in wildland fire management in the country.


NFMC raises awareness about beneficial and harmful effects of wildland fires at all levels.


NFMC helps support to enhancing cooperation among local institutions and countries within the region, aimed at sharing technology, expertise and data for coordinated and collective action in fire management.


NFMC helps support government, non-government organizations and civil societies for legal, institutional and policy frameworks development by mobilizing local resources and training people.



 NFMC implement wildland fire management programmes targeting at preparedness (early warning, awareness, risk assessment, arrangement of fire-fighting tools and the training of fighting groups, controlled burning etc.), response (early detection, fire fighting, fire fighter safety etc.), and recovery (damage assessment, revegetation of burnt areas, shelter, food, water, medicine, counseling to the victims etc.), national fire monitoring and national fire assessment.